Winner Annoucment – November 2016 Photographic Competition

Winner Annoucment – November 2016 Photographic Competition

We are very pleased to announce that the judges have reached a decision for the winner of November’s 2016 Photographic Competition – Well done, Andy Wedge.   We also enjoyed the pictures posted by Albert Cleary, Jon Bevan and Martin Berry.  It was lovely of you to share your precious memories with us using objects from your past.  

Thank you to everyone who took the time and made the effort to participate  in our photography group challenge.  Hopefully,  the competition next month will see more entries…….without ‘you’…. we wouldn’t have our photography group!  Suggestions and co-operation creating new challenges and competition is always gladly received.  Get in contact with your ideas and together we’ll organise something exciting to share.


Our wedding cake topper by Andy Wedge


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