The unedited challenge!

The unedited challenge!


New competition –  The unedited challenge!

The idea will be to get people thinking more about their shots rather than relying on editing software. We nearly all do it in some way shape or form, you get a mediocre shot, straighten it, crop it, tweek the saturation, drop the highlights, bring up the shadows…… Lets try a different approach…


This is a just for fun competition, here are the rules:

  • No editing at all.
  • 2 images MAX per person.
  • Images MUST be shot in JPG format not RAW.
  • Exif data must be unaltered.
  • The only permissible shooting modes allowed are PMSA or standard Automatic mode (scene modes such as portrait, sport, sunset etc are not allowed)
  • Photos must be new and not previously posted online.
  • Images are to be emailed to Andy Wedge by 1800 on the 15th May 2016.


Once checked images will be uploaded by Andy Wedge onto the Blesma Photography Group Facebook Page in one album for members to vote in the form of likes.

Photos will not be named, so nobody should know whose photo they are voting for.

Voting will take place over a 48hr period.

Good luck and happy snapping!

Andy Wedge

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