Story behind that Photograph by Mike Williams

Story behind that Photograph by Mike Williams

On the Isle of Mull Photography Adventure Activity during this summer, the Wednesday was given over to a rest day or ‘go where you like time’.

A group of us made the choice to take a boat trip (if the weather permitted) to Fingles Cave on Staffa and the puffin colony on Lunga in the Treshnish Isles, by small boat.

The outbound trip was a little rough with spray coming over the upper deck where old sailors Alan Long and myself stayed for the duration of the trip.  A mistake on my part, as some spray got into the battery pack of my camera and it stopped working at Fingles Cave!  Horror!!

I did manage a few shots but on the way to the puffin colony it had a complete failure.

What was I to do?  The puffins were my priority for the day.   In my pocket was an iPhone, perhaps some shots would still be possible!!  The next surprise was the landing arrangement at Lunga.  Getting onto the island required climbing on to a pontoon from the boat and then a scramble over huge boulders to reach the flat shore.  After 15 mins on hands and knees this was negotiated.   Next, a very steep loose path was to be climbed.  The rest of the group had got to the top well before I emerged, bathed in sweat, at the puffin colony with my iPhone in hand.

Puffins by Mike Williams

At this point, with puffins just feet from us, Alan Long came walking across to offer me the use of his bridge camera (the spirit of Blesma at work).  The shot shown here came from this superb gesture and made my day.  Thanks Alan!

All too soon, it was time to return to our boat.  John Francis made sure the descent was achieved without injury and the rocks were crossed with the help of fellow trippers.

A day I will never forget.

By Mike William

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