Story behind that Photograph by Andy Wedge

Story behind that Photograph by Andy Wedge


Just found this shot, taken the day before my youngest was born in January 2012, and around a month before my last surgery that left me more screwed up.

It’s funny now, but wife was ready to pop, we went down to the hard to check on my little boat.  Once there she says, “can we take the boat out over to the jolly sailor?”  Anyone who’s been on the Hamble will know it’s a pub with its own pontoon.  I said, “the tide is ebbing fast, you’ve got no chance, as the engines at home”.

“Oh please, you’ve got the oars, you can row!”

Shortly followed, by me rowing out to the main channel and trying to row against the second strongest tide in the UK in a heavy 12ft boat that doesn’t like to be rowed.   This resulted in copious amounts of swearing on my part as the boat refused not to turn and go a stern.  In the end with me saying b*****ks, we’ll drive round and bringing her in lol.  As we ‘I’ landed and trailer’d the boat the sun was going down and I got this shot on my old Fuji A900 compact.   Turns out despite being due to pop (which started 12hrs later) and my extreme tourettes, Georgia thought it was a lovely trip 50 yrds off the slipway and round in circles.  

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