September’s Photographic Competition – Opposites

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September’s Photographic Competition – Opposites

Collaboration in Art – Photographers benefit from working together.


This months challenge is to collaborate with your chosen partner to creatively reflect ‘Opposites’

1.    Choose a partner.

2.    You and your partner need to choose an opposite theme and a subject:   For example,  opposite theme: young/old and subject: the human body.

One photographer should take images of his/hers interpretation of ‘young’ within the subject of the human body and the other photographer should take his/hers interpretation of  ‘old’.   This theme could simply be interpreted by a picture of a child and a picture of an elderly person but try to be creative and think outside of the obvious.

3.    Go out and take at least 15 images of your opposite subject.

4.    View and talk about your images with your partner and find one image each, with a link between the two images.

5.    Present the two chosen images side-by-side and post into the relevant Facebook album including a short paragraph about your collaborative work.

How you present your entry is entirely your choice, whether individual pictures side by side, or one picture embedded within the other, or any other collaborative configuration you might come up with!


Creativity is the key with this challenge, in how you collaborate with your partner, your subject choice and presentation.

If you find you need any further direction or suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask, we’re here to help.

Here is a link back to the Facebook Album to store your image when you are finished – September’s Photographic Competition Album


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