Seasonal Themed Competition – Autumn 2017 🍂

Seasonal Themed Competition – Autumn 2017 🍂

AUTUMN – It is often said that Autumn is the best time of year for landscape photography; the colors, the textures, the clouds and the great light with the sun so low along the horizon.

The competition this year is a great opportunity for you to take your photography to another level.   We want you to pre-plan your shot by researching a location; looking up the weather conditions, working out the best time of day to capture the light in your scene.  Perhaps, using The Photographer’s Ephemeris app (TPE) or something similar to help you plan how the available light will fall on the land or through the trees to create that ultimate image.

If the style of photography mentioned above is not for you, another idea could be to create an autumnal still life or an abstract image.  Please open the link below and read the excellent advice given by professional photographers with great ideas to inspire you for your Autumn image.

Take your time, you have until 21st December.  Spend sometime considering your image before you upload it, only post your best image (one image per person) into the Autumn 2017 Album on Facebook.   Please do not rush off as soon as you read this and post something you took last year because this challenge is about planing your image.   

14 Autumn photography tips – Amateur Photographer

Need some tips for getting the most out of your Autumn photography. We asked a range of experts for their best advice. Jeremy Walker Jeremy is an award-winning photographer specialising in high-quality landscape and location photography around the world for use by advertising, design and corporate clients. 1.

Header image by Andrew Mudd, Blesma Photographer.

Let’s have a discussion about this on our Facebook Group, share your thoughts or arrange a meet up to go together to local locations to shoot.  



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