Photographing – Star Trails

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Photographing – Star Trails

Recently, I’ve been looking up the different techniques used to photograph star trails.  With a clear nights sky and few additional accessories it is relatively easy!


Things I found helpful….

Tripod with a tripod head that allows you to position your lens almost vertically into the sky – I put the ‘hot plate’ onto my camera the wrong way round and mounted it backwards onto the tripod head, that meant I was able to position the lens pointing much higher up into the sky.

Camera with a wide angled lens – wider the better, for this!   

Remote controller – set on continuous. NB the featured image above was created using 927 images which was not enough to complete the star trail.  Next time, I think I will run the camera until the battery dies.

Sky Map app on your iPhone to show you where Polaris is positioned in the night sky, unless you know how to locate it!  You will need to put Polaris in the middle of your frame.

A head torch is handy.

Focus your camera on to the stars and then make sure AF set to off.

Software such as Adobe Lightroom to import and sync edit your images.

StarStaX software to stack the images which creates the star trail – here’s a link to download the free StarStaX software

I’ve practiced shooting star trails in my back garden with loads of aircraft crossing but looking forward to finding somewhere without light pollution and aircraft zooming across the view finder.


That’s just a few tips but here’s a handy video that explains it rather well…

[wpdevart_youtube width=”640″ height=”385″ autoplay=”0″ theme=”dark” loop_video=”0″ enable_fullscreen=”1″ show_related=”1″ show_popup=”0″ thumb_popup_width=”213″ thumb_popup_height=”128″ show_title=”1″ show_youtube_icon=”1″ show_annotations=”1″ show_progress_bar_color=”red” autohide_parameters=”1″ set_initial_volume=”false” initial_volume=”100″ disable_keyboard=”0″]V6ypRbPzoPM[/wpdevart_youtube]


Happy photographing!



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