Image Review Session

Image Review Session

Are you stuck taking the same mediocre images?  Do you wonder if your photos are even good?  Wouldn’t it help to have a professional view your work with a constructive evaluation to include feedback, suggestions and tips?

We are proud to announce that Marcus Lyon has kindly offered to view Blesma Members photography in private sessions at this years Members Weekend.   Ambassador to Blesma, his works and publications are held in both private and international collections including the Smithsonian Institution, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Arts Council of Great Britain. He has been commissioned and exhibited globally. more


1. Purchase a camera you can comfortably hold. 
2. Learn how to use the functions of your camera, take technical classes
3. Learn composition/framing skills
4. Learn basic post processing skills (via iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc).
5. Have your photos Critiqued/Reviewed by a professional

Each step is equally important. And yes, the last step is as crucial as 1-4.  By attaining a greater understanding of the critiquing process, it will become a significant, invaluable tool that could forever alter the way you shoot and view images.

The purpose of critiques is to offer one’s impression of a photo.  Since we are all coming from varied backgrounds, this creates varying opinions.  A good thing.  Remember a critique is NOT a criticism. People tend to confuse them. There is no place in critiques for criticism, using nastiness in thought or words, egotism, direct put-downs, photo bashing, etc (you get the picture).

This is a fantastic opportunity to attend an Image Review Session with Marcus Lyon who has years of experience and credibility.

You’ll need to bring along your portfolio of works which can be presented in print or screen format.  

There will be limited places so make sure you apply soon!   Email to register your interest.



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