Epping Forest Photography – 14th September 2016

Epping Forest Photography – 14th September 2016

Members of the Blesma Photography Group and Verdi Studios spent a lovely the day in Epping Forest practicing their photography skills .


Kirsty Verdi from Verdi Studios  along with her father Parm Verdi gave up their valuable time to join the group and to give help and advice to members who attend the event.   Kirsty said, “another wonderful day spent with Blesma members, helping them learn more about photography.    This time we were out of the Studio and into the great outdoors, in the heart of Epping Forest.   We couldn’t have asked for better weather and everyone, including us was SO excited to get started!   It’s great to see Blesma members taking it upon themselves to organise these photography days; it’s always a privilege, and such fun for us to be asked to come along and provide technical support.  We sincerely hope this gathers momentum and Blesma members all over the UK join in and attend”.


Blesma member, Mike Williams and Kirsty Verdi from Verdi Studios


by Mike Williams

Mike Williams who organised the  Blesma Photography day at Epping Forest said,  “the morning of the 14th September arrived in a blast of heat 34.5 deg on Tuesday still in the mid 20’s at 08:00 breakfast was taken the weather was on our side!    The meeting point for the day’s photo shoot was Blesma  HQ at 09:30  True to form Ivor, Charlie and Albi were waiting in the car park of the Premier Inn as Alan and I showed for breakfast.   All participants where keen and on time so we left for Epping Forest by 09:45 to meet at the King Oak pub by 10:30 we met Brian, Kirsty and Parm Verdi in the car park Prad and his wife Formula also joined us there. By now the temperature was in the mid 20’s not a cloud in the sky perfect from the pub the rules of the morning where given NO ACCIDENTS and be back at the pub by 13:00 for lunch . Members made tracks in various directions to take advantage of the forest canopy with lovely light to practice exposures Kirsty and Parm moved among the group sharing their expertise with one and all. Albi (Chass’s son) setup their drone and expertly flew capturing superb ariel shot of the location. 13:00 soon arrived with temperatures soaring to the pub for lunch we went after a short delay an good lunch was served whist a couple of bikers arrived with Harley’s and showed off in the car park burnout’s etc. After lunch members took a gentle return to the forest to practice the morning lessons.  Every one seemed to have had a good day by 16:00  as we met up at the Pub for group photos and departure”.

I’m sure you will all agree we are very grateful to Mike, Kirsty and Parm for making such a great day – thank you!


Blesma Photography Group visit Epping Forest – Pradip Rai

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