Blesma Photography – Monthly Challenge for September

Blesma Photography – Monthly Challenge for September

Dear Blesma Photographers,

This month’s competition is entitled ‘Autumn Landscape’ and hopefully the intention is evident from the title. 

September brings days with crisp light and long shadows, as well as the changing hues in the countryside. Farmland, rivers, woodland and hedgerows all reflect the end of summer, giving us plenty of scope for some great photographs. 

Judging from last month’s competition, the standard is going to be very high, so allow yourself plenty of time to get your shot. If you haven’t taken part in the monthly competition before, this one is an ideal starting point, just get out there and just do your best! Help or advice is always available via the Facebook page.

Remember to put your entry into the September competition album in the photo section! The winner will be notified at the beginning of October.


Good luck!

Don’t forget to post your Autumn Landscape shots into the Monthly Challenge Album for September on Facebook.


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