Blesma Photography Group Monthly Challenge – Black & White

Blesma Photography Group Monthly Challenge – Black & White

Monthly Challenge… Black & White

This challenge is all about editing to create a dramatic black and white images using the HSL and the curve tool.

This is a good tutorial on how to make your black and white images more dramatic using the HSL and curve tool using phone apps, Lightroom, Photoshop and other image editing software.

Have a go!

Please post the image you have worked on for this assignment into the relevant album found on Blesma Photography Group Facebook page. Here!

How to Edit Dramatic B&W Photos on Mobile with Curves and HSL Sliders

Here’s a 15-minute video by photographer Sean Tucker in which he runs through an effective technique for processing black and white images, with a focus on mobile. Tucker demonstrates using curves and HSL sliders to achieve a dramatic look for his images that end up on his Instagram.

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