Seasonal Themed Competition – Winter 2015/16

Seasonal Themed Competition –  Winter 2015/16

We’re going to change the format for the next competition slightly and extend the time frame to allow for busy lives and creative thought.

Winter View by Charley Streather

Winter View by Charley Streather

The theme is ‘Winter’, and will be held over a 3 month period.  Obviously this can include any Christmas pictures you may wish to enter.

The winner and any highly commended pictures will be placed on the Blesma website to give a wider audience a chance to see what the photography group gets up to!  There will be other ‘Directional’ and ‘Interesting’ photographic competitions running alongside the main Winter theme, and I hope you’ll enjoy taking part.


As usual, please put your entry into the Winter 2015 competition album.  You will find Winter 2015 album pinned the top of our Blesma Facebook group page.


Congratulations to the winner of the Autumn competition, we had some excellent entries which made judging extremely difficult! Thank you to all who took part, and if you’re one of the group who is yet to participate, please don’t be shy, we’d love to see your pictures. This is a great time of year to capture all sorts of shots, so no rush, give it some thought, and we look forward to seeing the results! Best wishes, Charley and Sue.

This is a link directly to the ‘Winter’ Album on Facebook

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