Seasonal Themed Competition – Spring 2017

Seasonal Themed Competition – Spring 2017

Blesma Photography Competition – The next seasonal theme is ‘Spring’ and will run until 21st June 2017

The winner and any highly commended pictures will be placed on the Blesma Photography website to give a wider audience a chance to see what the photography group gets up to!

There will be other ‘Directional’ and ‘Interesting’ photographic competitions running alongside the main Spring theme, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy taking part.

As usual, please put your entry into the Spring 2017 competition album located in the Blesma Photography Group Facebook page. 

This is a great time of year to capture all sorts of shots, so no rush, give it some thought and we look forward to seeing the results!

The image above ‘Serenity in a Bluebell Wood’ is by Nick Barber and was the winning image for the Spring Competition 2016.  

Here are a few examples of the different elements of spring….



One of the nicest things of Spring is blossom.   Capture the progress of Spring in a hedges too!


The buds of hawthorn burst and new fresh green leaves appear followed by creamy white flowers in late April or May.

The blossom was once known as ‘May’ but in many places flowers now appear in April, perhaps an indication that climate change is making Spring come earlier.


Queen bumblebees

early bumblebee c andy jones compressed

Look out for the first bumblebees on warm days in March! These will be queens which have successfully survived the winter and are now seeking nectar and pollen from Spring flowers.


Migrant birds


Chiffchaffs are usually one of the first migrant birds to arrive in March and they can be heard singing their names in a repetitive ‘chiff chaff’ song from the tops of trees. Cuckoos, swallows and house martins usually arrive in April and swifts may not appear until early May.


Frogs and toads on the move

commontoad001ajonhawkinssurreyhillsphotography compressed

One of the first signs of spring is the spawning of frogs and toads. Look for masses of jelly-like frog spawn in local ponds and ditches. Toads often travel long distances to suitable ponds to breed in; they travel at night when it’s cooler and damper and sadly often get killed crossing roads.  There is evidence that frogs and toads are breeding earlier, even in late winter months so start looking in February.


Woodlands carpeted in bluebells

One of the great Spring wildlife sights! In late April and early May bluebells are usually at their best so make sure you don’t miss this amazing Spring spectacle. A carpet of bluebells transforms woodlands into a place of magic and wonder.

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