Well done to the whole photography group!

Once again, this has been a mammoth task to review the photographs uploaded to the group and pick out a photograph of the month.  So many high quality images are appearing that to choose one picture over another becomes subjective; any number last month could easily have been picked.  Sue and I purposely left the Isle of Mull pictures out of the mix because we feel a feature of their own is warranted, and we look forward to receiving more in the coming weeks from all who attended. Please continue to upload your pictures, it graphically demonstrates just how much we’re improving as a group.

Best wishes to all, Charley and Sue.



Winner of the Blesma Photo of the Month for June 2016 is awarded to Kev Bryant.


There were several excellent images posted this month, ‘Highly Commended’ is awarded the following photographers:

(to see images in full-size, click on the 1st image and arrow scroll to the next)