Photography Courses for Blesma members

Reframing our world Appreciating our surroundings is a marvellous tool for improving our outlook on life.

Being able to recognise beauty in our environment can instantly transform the mundane into the wondrous.  That is what photography teaches us, when you’re always on the lookout for the next great shot, you’re taking in so much more of what life has to offer.  In addition, you get to show off all the pictures to friends and family.

The Basic Photography Course

The course will take beginners through the fundamentals of framing photographs, using light and basic photo-editing software.

When is it?  April in Rutland Waters.

Who’s it for? Any Blesma member who has their own camera.

City & Studio Photography Course

This course teaches how to take great portraits outdoors and in a studio. It also teaches how to take pictures of cityscapes.

When is it? October ber in York

Who’s it for? Any Blesma member who has completed the Basic course or is already proficient using their camera.

Wildlife Photography Course

The Wildlife Course builds on the skills learned in the Basic Course and teaches techniques specific to taking stunning photographs of wildlife.

When is it?  Various times of the year.

Who’s it for? Any Blesma member who has completed the Basic course or is already proficient using their camera.

For information about Blesma Photography Activities for 2017 have a look here!

“Trying something completely new has been great. I never picked up a professional camera before my injury and Blesma has given me this opportunity to showcase my creative and technical side, something which I never knew existed” said Blesma Member, Allan Long”


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    Sorry to be a pain, can you explain so i can print off how to add photos to my members blog please. 🙁

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      Carole, You send your images to me and I add them to your gallery (I’ll pm with details)


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