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To interested members of the Blesma Facebook Photography group, the JULY MONTHLY CHALLENGE is….


This month let’s focus on the next aspect of the photography triangle – ‘ISO’

Exposure Triange
ISO actually stands for International Standard of Organisation. Nothing actually to do with photography, but a European Standard which describes the different standards of many different subjects.

In photography terms the ISO level depicts how much light the sensor is going to receive when the shutter is released.

Here’s an some articles that help to explain –

http:// digital-photography-school. com/iso-settings/
This month take photos of whatever you like but manually set your camera’s ISO.

For this challenge, trying using the camera in ‘P’ mode allowing you to set the ISO manually but the shutter speed and aperture will be automatically set by the camera.
Post your photo with ‘no noise’ but note the ISO that was used in the title. Here’s a link –  July Monthly Challenge Album on Facebook

Have a fun filled month trying this out – entries will be judged by Charley at the end of July.
….In August, we’ll cover shutter speed which will complete the Exposure Triangle ·

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